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Yvonne Jegede Survives A Robbery Attempt In Lagos And Warns Other Women

Yvonne Jegede survives a robbery attempt in Lagos and warns other women

Yvonne Jegede, a Nollywood actress, has described how she avoided a robbery attempt on Lagos’ Third Mainland Bridge.

The actress said a man almost robbed her on the bridge on Thursday night at 9 p.m., but she was lucky because traffic started moving.

She encouraged the Lagos State Government to clean up the area around the Oworonshoki bridge.

On Friday, the 38-year-old shared her ordeal on Twitter.

“Last night (Thursday) at at 9 p.m., one guy almost robbed me on 3rdMB,” she tweeted. “I was fortunate that the traffic eased a little, so I moved my car, and then he drove away.” Sanitation is required beneath the Oworonsoki bridge. This individual leapt from beneath the bridge. They target solo drivers, so be careful.”

Jegede advised women to be cautious when travelling alone at night, encouraging them to stay in between cars if they can’t wait until daylight.

“If you’re alone in traffic, don’t choose the fast lane (the last lane on your left); instead, park your automobile between cars. Please, especially the ladies, stay where you are until you see daylight. The town is starving.”

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