You Are Part Of The Problem You Are Trying To Fix

You are part of the problem you are trying to fix

It appears some people are not happy with the assistance Nigerian singer Teni has been rendering to some of her fans over the past few days.

This comes as Teni took to social media to call out those trying to teach her how to spend her money and who to help.

The singer in one of her tweets said Nigeria will get better when people start to see themselves as one.

Teni wrote:

“I’m human first before any tribe, ethnicity, race or nationality.I choose humanity. I’m not blinded by religion either, I believe in God, and he is love. Don’t preach to me if you ain’t got love in your heart. Selfish muhfuckers wanna dictate to me how to spend my money and who to help. You’re part of the problem we’re trying to fight. Fix your self.”

See the post below:

Reactions as Teni reveals some people are trying to dictate to her

Many have taken to the comment section to react to the tweets. some of the reactions, see them below:

joeswagger14: “, “give your money to this , give it to that” , Queen Teni you have tried Abeg, God bless you, the people you have helped will never forget what you have done for them .”

fasheg6: “No be them follow you enter studio no be them follow you sign endorsement but na them wan control you or tell you how to spend your money………people funny oo.”

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