Wife SLAPS Her Husband Multiple Times & POURS Hot Soup On Him After Catching Him With Side Chic At Restaurant

Wife SLAPS her Husband multiple times & POURS hot Soup on Him after catching Him with side Chic at Restaurant

In the video that has gone viral on the internet, the woman who must have been alerted about the whereabouts of her husband, could be seen approaching him seated at the restaurant with another woman.

When she got there, the woman threw caution to the wind and landed serious slaps on her husband’s face, asking him how he would have the guts to take a lady out while she is still alive.

Before she left the restaurant, the angry wife bathed her husband with the plate of soup he bought from the eatery and asked him to meet her at home as she dashed out without wasting much time.

An onlooker could be seen and heard asking the man how he married such a woman as a wife, noting that he can’t tolerate such such attitude from his own wife.

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