Why You Should Take Off Your Underwear Before Sleeping: Very Important

Take off your panties before bed

The majority of us go to bed wearing our most comfortable boxer briefs and tee shirts in breathable fabric that are at least two sizes larger than what we should normally wear. Boyfriend’s boxers are all too good, but are you still wearing underwear underneath? If yes, you are doing it wrong. that’s why.

​Your lady part needs to inhale

We can’t go to work or do housework without wearing underwear, which can make them messy, sweaty, and germ-filled. It needs frequent ventilation, so when is preferable to sleep time?

​Fabric is important

Luxury lingerie brands and shops have all the lacy and racy designs, but what they lack is the right fabric. In case your underwear is made from satin, silk and synthetics, you really need to say farewell to it at night. This is because these fabrics absorb moisture and don’t allow clean air to reach your feminine area. However, when it is pure natural cotton and has good breathability, it is best to wear it all the time.

​You may get contamination

If you keep your lady part covered in slick, moisture-wicking panties, bacteria can grow there quickly. This makes you more susceptible to candida or urinary tract infections. Specifically if you’re a thong lover, you really need to eliminate your lady’s part at night because thongs expose your lady part to more germs than a regular bikini or short under garments.

Lady part self-clean, but you still require the commando approach

Many people think of the lady part as a self-cleaning organ which require any extra care from us. It will clean itself, but that doesn’t imply you’re depriving it of its most basic need, air. If you follow the commando method exactly then good luck, if not, at least remove your panties.
Is it uncomfortable not to wear underwear? Here’s what you can do

If you don’t like the thought of ​​sleeping without underwear, you can try this. Skip the panties, put on granny-sized clothes and then let the air flow to your cunt. You can also choose granny underwear made of 100% cotton to provide your lady part a breath of fresh air.

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