Why You Should Stop Dating For Too Long – Blessing CEO reveals

Controversial relationship expert, Blessing CEO has recently taken to social media to speak on relationships and why partners should not date for long.

Speaking in a recent video shared on Instagram, Blessing CEO kicked against long term dating, saying it is a waste of time. She added that dating should not take time before marriage and it is not compulsory to know a person by dating them for long.

In her words, “It is a waste of time to date a person for long because you don’t know people by how long you date them. But you can know people by how long you pay attention to them. A lot of you date without paying attention. You allow people waste your years in the name of unproductive and undefined situationships.

It is not how long you date people, it is how long you pay attention. You can date people for 5 to 10 years without knowing them because you do not pay attention. Stop allowing people waste your time.”

Blessing CEO is of opinion that you can date a person for years without knowing them. She is of opinion that long term relationships does not guarantee that you will know your partner to the core. Do you agree with her?

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