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Why Children Education Must Be Prioritised— Singer Mr Bigger To FG

Why Children Education Must Be Prioritised— Singer Mr Bigger To FG

Jonathan Ibekwe, a gospel artiste aka Mr. Bigger, has urged the Nigerian government to prioritise the education of children to help them to fulfill their destinies.

He stated this during a press conference as regards the launching of his coming album, ‘Umuaka,’ meaning Children, on May 27, 2022.

Mr. Bigger. said he was obeying a divine call to be the voice of children, adding that children’s welfare should be given adequate attention.

He said;
“If only adults can imbibe and exhibit the sterling qualities of children, the world would be a sweet and blissful place to live in. Children’s welfare should be given the much-needed attention as they are heavenly gifts.

There is a need for the society to positively reassess its commitment to the welfare, education, and progress of its children. But there is decadence in our society. We run an irresponsible system that fails to recognise the destiny of children.

Leaders should sit up because if children’s education is destroyed or tampered with, the future and destiny of the child will be affected.”

He noted that he hoped to partner with UNICEF and UNESCO to support children and ensure a better environment for them.

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