What Amount Of Sperm Does Women Need To Conceive?

Any successful pregnancy begins with two key ingredients: the male gamete and an egg. Fertility issues can originate with either the egg of a woman or the gamete of the male, meaning both components require to be healthy for a successful pregnancy.

The male gamete is released in the semen when a man and woman have intercourse.

According to WebMD, it takes just one male gamete to fertilize the egg in a woman. Keep in mind, though, that for each male gamete that moves to where the egg in a woman stays, millions don’t.

On average, each time men expel their reproductive cells they release close to 100 million gametes. Why are so many male gametes released if it takes only one to form a fetus? This is because to meet the waiting egg, semen must move from the female organ to the fallopian tubes, a tough journey that few male gametes can survive. Professionals have the belief that this process may be nature’s way of letting only the healthiest male gamete fertilize the egg, to provide the best opportunity of having a healthy baby.

For that male gamete that completes the trip, getting into the egg, which is covered by a thick layer, is far from a sure thing.

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