Video: Watch Namhla Sjamboked When Butt Naked

South Africans has been calling for justice for one woman Singwa Namhla Mtwa who was brutally murdered when she was shot nine times in the chest , she reportedly died on the scene at her own driveway and the whole country has been deeply touched by her passing, they have been calling for the arrest of her boyfriend whom she was allegedly trying to break up with when she was killed, it was a sad weekend for the people of South Africa who were feeling sorry for Namhla, how she was killed and how she was being abused by her boyfriend.

Over the weekend, there has been a lot of talking surround how she died and how she was in an abusive relationship, this came after screenshots of the conversations she was having with her boyfriend emerged on social media, the whole country was angry and called that the man should be arrested with immediate effect since there is enough evidence that links him to the death of the 35 year old Singwa.

While the whole country is still waiting to hear about the arrest of the boyfriend, a video of her being whipped with a sjambok has emerged on social media, one could see that the man was heartless and evil, he had nothing towards her but absolute hate, no one can do what he did to a person he claims to love, no matter what it is that she did, she did not deserve to be put through so much pain.

On the video, a woman was filmed laying on the bed butt naked, someone was busy whipping her on the buttocks and all over her back, she was just groaning in deep pain, you could feel the pain she was going through, you could hear from the sound of her voice that she is tired of crying, but the person kept whipping her over and over again even though she was bleeding.

What was happening on that video is disheartening, no person deserves to be put through such pain in the name of love, it should not hurt that way, but the man who is obviously heartless was finding pleasure in beating up someone’s child that way, he was happy to see her bleeding like that, defenseless and weak, but he did not stop, shockingly he even had the audacity of filming it while he whips he repeatedly.

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