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Two Brothers Come To Get Their Inheritance and Discover It Had Disappeared – Story of the Day

Jordan and his older brother Danny were shocked when they found their inheritance stolen. Although the suspect was arrested, Jordan knew something was not right. One day, he accidentally heard his late dad’s parrot talking about the stolen items, which pointed him to the real robber.

Adam and Emma Joy were a struggling couple who barely had enough to make ends meet. They were poor when their first son Danny was born. They couldn’t even afford toys and proper clothes for him. However, their second son, Jordan, rewrote their fate.

When Emma went into labor for the second time, they already had a big mansion. Adam’s furniture business was thriving with flying colors, and he was setting up several branches outside the city.

However, things went into a different dimension after Emma’s death. But before she died, she gave Adam a pet parrot named Max and asked him to promise her that he would take care of him…

Danny and Jordan grew up to lead their successful careers out of town. They often visited their dad, but slowly, Danny started growing distant, mainly because he still despised Jordan and the good things he got growing up.

With time, Danny avoided Adam. He focused more on his career and marriage, barely having any time to talk to his dad on the phone.

On the other hand, Jordan was always a good son. He knew his father was ill and aging, so he always had his best foot forward to make sure his dad was happy.

As he scooped up the trash, he heard Max say something about the stolen jewels. It made no sense to him, so he moved closer and listened carefully.
One day, he paid a surprise visit to his dad. Adam was thrilled because he’d always looked forward to getting his favorite goodies from Jordan.

“Hey, Max!” Jordan shouted from the porch on seeing his dad’s pet parrot.

The little creature was more than a pet to his dad. Adam always treated the bird as his third son and never went anywhere without him. Of all the wonderful things, Adam was proud of Max’s incredible ability to speak…

Adam lived alone with Max while his two sons resided out of state. | Source: Pexels
Adam lived alone with Max while his two sons resided out of state. | Source: Pexels

For several years, Adam had trained the parrot to talk by making him repeat things he heard people say, whether in person or on TV.

“How are you?!” Max often said, parroting Jordan whenever he visited his dad.

But Jordan’s recent visit turned out to be his last. His dad was admitted to an emergency ward in the hospital after being ill for several months and surviving on numerous medications.

Although Jordan hoped his dad would recover, fate had other plans. Adam passed away several days later. His funeral turned into a massive gathering with dozens of reputable people attending. Since Adam always maintained a friendly relationship with everyone in town, people flocked to pay their last respects. Even Danny came, but he preferred to be a guest at his father’s funeral.

“How are you, brother?” Jordan asked Danny in a friendly way. “It’s good to see you… It’s been a really long time if I can remember….”

But Danny remained indifferent and cold. He ignored Jordan throughout the gathering, eagerly waiting for the lawyer to discuss their father’s will following the ceremony.

Danny behaved more like a guest at his dad’s funeral. | Source: Pexels
Danny behaved more like a guest at his dad’s funeral. | Source: Pexels

When the guests finally left after the funeral, only the two brothers remained, distant but under the same roof. Their family lawyer, Joe Nelson, approached them about the will a little later.

“I’ll see you both tomorrow at my office,” he told the brothers. Although Jordan wasn’t smelling money after his dad’s death, one could tell from Danny’s excitement that he had long waited for this opportunity.

The next day, the brothers visited the lawyer for the will reading. Danny was thrilled when it was announced they would be splitting all the jewelry apart from their dad’s house and business.

The ornaments were in a locker in their dad’s office at home, so they set out to get them the next day. However, they were surprised to see the place butchered up and the jewels gone.

“What the hell happened here?” Danny shouted. “I think we’ve been robbed.”

Jordan couldn’t understand either. He rummaged through the place and found everything in a mess. His dad’s locker was wiped clean.

Meanwhile, Danny took out his phone and called the cops. He sounded confident when he informed the officers about who he suspected stole the jewelry.

“Yes, officer… that’s right. It must be him,” he said.

A few minutes later, the cops arrived at the scene. Jordan and Danny testified about the missing jewels, and Danny chimed in and told the officers that he suspected their lawyer.

“He’s the only outsider who knew about the jewelry and its location,” Danny revealed. “I’m sure it’s him. Why don’t you nab him and find out?”

Danny said he suspected his lawyer and told the inspector that he was sure only he could’ve stolen the jewelry. Mr. Nelson was called to the spot, and he arrived shortly to give his testimony. Although he jumped in self-defense and said that he didn’t steal the jewels and didn’t have the house keys, he was taken into custody for investigation.

After the cops left with the lawyer, the brothers locked up the house and left. That evening, Jordan returned home to tidy his father’s office and spend some time in silence by the fireplace…

Jordan’s eyes gushed with tears as he marched across the office. He ran his hands on his father’s desk and chair, the smell of old books and papers filling the dimly-lit room with memories.

He began to clean the place, and as he scooped up the trash, he heard Max say something about the stolen jewels. It made no sense to him, so he moved closer and listened carefully.

“THIS IS FOR EVERYTHING YOU SNATCHED FROM MY CHILDHOOD, BROTHER…THESE JEWELS ARE NOW MINE…This is for everything you snatched from my childhood, brother…These jewels are now mine….” Max parroted.

Jordan was stunned. He was almost clear on who stole the jewels. He hurried to the room upstairs that Danny once used and butchered the place. Then he checked the drawer in his desk and found all the lost jewels.

He was sure because he recalled the documents mentioning that the ring with a huge bluestone went to him with the other ornaments in the inheritance. Without wasting a second, he immediately called the cops, and Danny rushed back to the house after officers called him to hurry there.

“We’re sorry, Mr. Joy,” the officer told Jordan. “We’ll immediately release Mr. Nelson….”

The officers then arrested Danny, who froze in disbelief. He was furious at Jordan for exposing him to the cops, and his arrest only fueled his resentment toward his brother.

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“You could’ve asked me directly for the jewels, and I would’ve given them to you happily, brother,” Jordan told Danny, who marched outside the house in handcuffs.

Jordan sighed because he knew he wouldn’t stand the sight of his brother in jail. He spoke with his lawyer to get Danny out immediately. He knew that a day in prison would be enough for Danny to realize his mistake.

“Howdy there, Max!” Jordan exclaimed with relief as he scooped his dad’s pet parrot in his hand. He had flown back to his home and took Max with him.

Since then, Max and Jordan have been inseparable. Jordan knew Max could talk, but he wanted to experiment with his singing ability. So, every evening, the two spent time on the piano. While Jordan ran his fingers on the keys, Max parroted along in his bird language!

In the end, Danny was arrested for robbing Jordan of his rightful inheritance. | Source: Pexels
In the end, Danny was arrested for robbing Jordan of his rightful inheritance. | Source: Pexels

What can we learn from this story?

Wrongdoers will meet the consequences sooner or later. Danny stole the jewels from his dad’s inheritance and framed the lawyer for stealing them. But in the end, Jordan discovered that Danny robbed their dad’s ornaments and got him arrested.

Learn to communicate with your pets. You may never know when they can convey back. Jordan had known about his dad’s pet parrot Max’s talking abilities, but he was stunned when Max repeated what his brother said while stealing the jewels, and it helped him solve the mystery of the missing jewels.

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