Top 7 Smart Ways To Make Someone To Fall In Love With You

1. Try Mirroring their personality

This is one of the smartest techniques you can use on that friend of yours you are probably having a crush on and want them to fall in love with you. When you mirror or imitate a person, it’s simply learning of their body language and trying to copy them. Know of their facial expressions and and common gestures. This techniques tends to establish a strong friendship bond between the two of you that tends to grow into something stronger than just friendship.

2. Spend more time with them

Spending more time with people is what causes them to be so much attracted to you. This is what science has called the exposure effect. People tend to be more attracted to persons they see more often. It becomes easy for the to talk to you and be even open to you. The more a man or a woman sees you, the more they get to feel attracted and that is what grows into what we call love.

3. Develope the habit of speaking good things about them in their presence

How you make a person feel when around you is what will create that good impression or feeling towards you. Anytime a person feels some sense of worth when around you, they become attracted. This happens very naturally. Learn to praise them and see the magic in that.

4. Listen more to them and talk less

You should learn to allow that friend of yours talk about themselves. Hear them out the more, people tend to like people who listen to them and not just talk about themselves. They will always be looking forward to spending time with you.

5. Tell them a secret you’ve never told anyone

If you want someone to remember you and to be a part of their memory. This makes the person know that you trust them and they will always have a reason to remember you.

6. Be open to them on your weaknesses

Did you actually know that according to depravity effect, people can easily get to love you when they get to know your weakness and just love you for it. Your weaknesses make it easier for them to deal with you and they will actually not be surprised.

7. Find the things are common between the two of you and capitalize on them

Are their things that both of you like? Get to identify those things and make sure you capitalize on them. Doing activities that both of you like doing together gives the two of you some great sense of attachment.

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