Three things you should do to prevent infection after making love with your partner

A lot of people are afraid of making love with a stranger. Although it is risky to have unprotected intercourse with a stranger without protecting yourself. When this happens, there are certain things you should not do immediately after making love with your partner. Though you should stick to a partner. After that, when you have intercourse with the person there are things you shouldn’t do. According to mayoclinic, three things are listed below.

Do not hold the urine: Another mistake we make is to hold the urine after making love. Instead, we should go to the toilet whenever we feel like urinating after making love. The urine would help flush the bacteria out of the private part of the urinary tract.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Using harsh soap to wash: Using mild soap to wash is also very important. We make the mistake of washing with harsh soaps. This could be damaging and we need to watch it. Washing and rinsing with only water are enough.

Do not wash the inside of your private part: This is common for women. Immediately after the intercourse, they would rush to the bathroom and try to wash the inside of their private part. This is not advisable as you could be spreading the bacteria. When you wash the inside, you could also be damaging hormones inside of your body. The best is to wash the outer part. The private part tends to clean itself.

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