Three Things That Happen To Your Body If You Consume Onions

The onion, also known as Allium cepa, is used in both culinary and medical applications. But, it is one of the common elements that is utilized in the preparation of herbal medicines as well as in the culinary arts. Garlic, green onions, fennel, scallions, and fresh basil are all members of the same genus, Allium. Chives are a type of onion.

Consuming onions in large quantities, however, has been shown over the years to be associated with an increased risk of developing a variety of adverse health effects, despite the fact that onions are beneficial for the management of a variety of medical conditions.

In this article, I want to briefly discuss three things that happen to your body if you consume onions

1. According to WebMD, irritable bowel syndrome (also known as IBS) is a common medical illness that impacts the lives of millions of individuals all over the world. The condition is linked to symptoms such as bloating, stomach problems, muscle cramps, flatulence, muscle aches, and abnormal bowel motions that can range from digestive problems to diarrhea. Onions, however, have been found to contain substances that have been shown in research to make this illness worse.

2. Allergies to particular foods are caused by an immune system hypersensitivity to the proteins in those meals. According to the research, onions, for example, contain mixtures of components known as monoterpene sulfides and receptor-associated proteins. Asthma, sneezing, nasal congestion, irritated eyes, and skin irritation, which is marked by a red, irritable rash, can all be caused by this exposure over time.

3. When you eat onions, a gas known as LF is produced; this gas makes your eyes to get irritated and produces tears as a result.

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