Three herbs that can be used for infertility.

“Herbs That Can Be Used To Heal Infertility And Sperm Low Count In Men”

Fertility is an ability to reproduce without medical assistance. Male infertility is when a man have a low-sperm count and can’t make a woman fall pregnant .

Many men suffer from low-sperm count resulting in infertility.This issue has became a problem to most of the men out there,aroundthe world.

What really causes low-sperm count in men.

Here are some of the five things that can play a role in decreasing your sperm count.

*Increasing body mass index (BMI) is linked with decreasing sperm count and sperm movement.

*Drinking alcohol and smoking can decrease your sperm count.

*Taking certain medication.

*Longterm sickness(such as kidney failure).

*Retrograde Ejaculation.

The most common factor causing the infertility in men is;

*Sperm growth

*Sperm movement,not moving the right way.

*Sperm bieng made in a very low quantity.

*Azoospermia,sperm failing to be reproduced.

When it comes to conceiving a child, it’s a significant deal that needs to be addressed seriously. It’s also worth mentioning that sperm health is crucial in a man’s life. Various herbs have been found to have the ability to improve sperm count and mortality, according to research. This post will go over a few herbs that can help men become more fertile.

“Tribulus terrestris,also known as puncture vine is a medical herb used to help boost male fertility”.said researchers.

Natural herbs are used for many different reasons.Here we will focus on herbs that can help to enhance your sperm count.

List of three natural herbs to help you.

-Saw palmetto

The herb is used traditional to boost sexual health in men.also beneficial for prostate health, libido and testicular atrophy.


Ginseng helps in improving sperm count,and boost the sperm ability to reach the egg.Ginseng can also improve Sex drive performance and aiding erectile dysfunction.

-Schisandra seed and fruit.

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Stress and depression can play a role in causing infertility. This natural herb can help in your immunity, endocrine and nervous system functions as well.

The herb is also said,to improve hormonal balance in the body.

In most cases fertility is mostly focused on women. Female fertility seems to be the only aspect of conception, which is not true; male fertility is equally important. It is equally important to come up with ways of boosting male fertility.

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