This Jackson Has Shamed Osun

Diary of an Observer: This Jackson has shamed Osun

This citizen Ademola Adeleke, is he a failed comedian or he actually wants to run for office? He never ceases to shock and shame. When he’s not promising to buy a plane for royal fathers, he’s lecturing them (including an Oba with a PhD) how he will start ‘something called procedure’ to start a university that the State Government had already started. When he’s not sitting improperly in mosques, he’s dancing ‘Konkobilo’ at a religious gathering.

I ask, is there ‘owonniyan’ in his party, the PDP, and indeed Osun that we have to be afflicted with Mr. Nurudeen Jackson.

Oh, ‘owonniyan’ is Yoruba expression for drought of good men or women to perform a critical task.

This same Osun that has produced every professionally acclaimed people, male and female, serving from here to the White House in America is the one where PDP can’t find a worthy, inspiring candidate except the one who thinks campaigning for the office of the governor is all about money that he will throw around. How did PDP even arrive at this bad place? Who did this sorting that produced a man who can’t articulate a simple point without shooting himself in the foot?

In the days leading to the 2018 governorship election, Brother Jackson boasted that a respected Forbes-quoted Nigerian billionaire would flood Osun with billions of naira. Last week and 62 days to the 2022 election, ‘Boda Nuru’ was tapping his pocket: ‘I’ve arrived with money, plenty of it, in all denominations’. For good effect and sickening emphasis, he assured Osun it will be fire-for-fire!

Ah, God of heaven and earth, who did Osun offend? In one breath, Mr Jackson is promising Osun people dollars and Euros and in another, he threatened them with fire-for-fire. And this is the person PDP wants to hand over the lives, destiny and future of almost 5m people to, for four years! So, if the money doesn’t work, he will set us ablaze? And pray, what’s the money in his pocket for exactly?

Is Uncle Nuru planning to use personal funds to pay State bills? Is he saying he’s so rich Osun won’t need federal allocation to run Osun? Because if he’s that rich, that’s a happy thing, right? Yeah, he must be richer than Elon Musk and Bill Gates put together. In that case, he must tell us the source of this tremendous wealth that is yet to earn him a place on Forbes list. Not even in his most garrulous moment did Donald Trump tell Americans he’d run America with his private funds.

What exactly does Brother Jackson do for a living? Where is his shop, the corporate headquarters of the conglomerate that will vomit the money he’s boasting of?

The records of his life from Ede to United States of America do not show such capacity.

Osun is not being promised roads or bridges, schools or hospitals, not even a dance school! Just fire-for-fire.

I weep for Osun and pray God to forgive the people whatever iniquities they committed that brought them this affliction. However, the people, including this observer, have taken judicial notice of Nurudeen Jackson Ademola Adeleke’s threat. They know what fire-for-fire means, especially when it comes from a candidate who boasts of questionable wealth two months to a governorship election. One just hopes all those concerned, from retired Commissioner of Police, Abiodun Ige (S.A Security to Governor Oyetola), CP Wale Olokode, The DSS, DIA, Office of the Inspector-General of Police, where an Osun son and Prince is the Force Public Relations Officer (Muyiwa Adejobi) to all local security agencies will not take this lightly.

Osun people must keep a close eye on Mr. Nuru and his fire. A peaceful State does not need a man who failed WAEC, couldn’t make a career or success of dancing and still couldn’t find someone to write him a small speech to set it ablaze out of desperation.

This state has come too far now to be afflicted with a failed dancer who cannot string together one sensible sentence in a whole month.

Ademola Adeleke, Osun, PDP

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