The Health Problems Women May Develop If She Indulges In Shower Intimacy

Do you know that it’s not always good for a couple to indulge in shower copulation? It’s fanciful and sounds very interesting for a couple to get down under the shower since they won’t be able to sweat and even feel tired under the running water. In as much as newly married or partners should explore their bodies and try out things to achieve pleasure, there is need for them to also know that there are risks associated with these practices.

So in this article in line with a publication on Healthline, we are going to have a look at the health problems women may develop if she indulges in shower intimacy regularly. This is more like a risk associated with the practice, so make sure you take it seriously as a woman and as a caring man who wouldn’t want his partner to get some problems.

What is The Health Problem Women May Develop Due to Shower Intimacy?

Shower Intimacy on its own wouldn’t be considered harmful to the body unless in cases where the woman or man slips and gets injured in the process. But for women particularly, always indulging in shower copulation with your partner can cause washing away of the natural lubrication of your private body part which could end up raising risk of UTIs and many other infections. In as much as water will literally replace the natural fluid, it also exposes you to many infections and diseases in the process. So even if you must get down with your partner in the shower, make sure it doesn’t become a habitual thing for you.

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