The Causes Of Impotence In Men And Its Treatment

And the causes of impotence in men can be a result of the listed below.

1. Neurological disorders

Neurological disorders increase the chances of developing impotence, as they hinder the brain’s ability to communicate with the reproductive system, thus making it difficult for an erection to occur.

2. Heart disease

When the heart suffers from any health problem, the ability to pump blood well will decrease, which affects sexual ability. Without sufficient blood flow to the male sexual organs, it will not be able to have an erection.
3. Endocrine diseases

The endocrine system of the body produces hormones that help regulate metabolism, sexual ability, and mood, and in the case of endocrine diseases, the production of these hormones will be affected, which increases the chances of erectile dysfunction.

But below are the details on the treatment of impotence:

Treatment methods vary according to the diagnosis of the causes of impotence in each person. If the cause of impotence is organic, then the treatment is by a specialist in venereal diseases, and if it is psychological, then the treatment is in the competence of a psychiatrist or a sexologist.

The role of the venereologist

If the doctor is sure that the state of disability is essentially organic, and the patient lives a stable marital and psychological life, he begins to treat the organic problem, through drugs and sexual stimulants, which are sold in pharmacies and medical centers such as Viagra and Levitra. To arrive as a last resort for a surgical operation during which an erection device is implanted artificial.

It can also be resorted to using an ointment for the male sexual organ to help with an erection, which has no side effects such as medicines or the use of steroids vaccine directly on it. If these drugs fail, the organ is directly injected with steroids to become erect during sexual intercourse.

The role of the psychiatrist or sexologist

The sexologist can suggest different treatment methods to the patient, including simple advice or long-term psychotherapy sessions, or prescribing appropriate medications. The specialist can bring the two partners together in psychotherapy sessions to investigate the psychological causes that may be a cause of impotence.

One of the most important methods that a psychiatrist or sexologist is sure of in dealing with impotence is to change the lifestyle of the spouses.

A person must also have confidence in himself even with the powerful contemporary woman who always demands the satisfaction of her sexual desire.

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