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The Bishop Forced Himself On Me Twice Till I Started Bleeding – Assistant Pastor Reveals

Bishop Daniels, the founder of a church in Lagos State, might be in big trouble after he was accused of r*ping a 22-year-old assistant pastor at his Lekki residence. Reports have it that the Bishop is married with kids.

Speaking to Punch Newspaper, the victim narrated how the incident happened. She said that the problem started after she missed a church meeting because it clashed with her brother’s wedding. As a punishment, the suspect directed her church branch members not to celebrate her birthday and ordered her to report to the Church Headquarters in Lagos state.

The victim revealed that when she went to the suspect’s house in Lekki for punishment, he asked her to strip naked because he wanted to beat her. She showed surprise at his statement, which angered the pastor. On seeing his anger, the victim said that she went to the guest room, undressed, closed her eyes, and came back to him. She further revealed that the Bishop ordered her to open her eyes and kneel down.

On seeing her nakedness, the assistant pastor revealed that the bishop told her that he was just testing her loyalty and wouldn’t go intimate with her, adding that she should go and tell no one about the incident. However, she told some of their senior church members about the incident.

After some time, Bishop Daniels summoned her again to his house. This time around, the victim said that when she was alone with him in his house, he tried to kiss her, which she refused. This made him slap her. The following day, she said, while they were listening to a message, the suspect told her to strip naked and forced himself on her for about 30 minutes until she started bleeding despite not being a maiden. After the incident, the cleric wouldn’t allow her to leave the house.

She further said that one morning, after greeting the suspect, he told her that she was privileged that such an encounter happened between them both. She also revealed that after making that statement, he striped her naked and forced himself on her again until she started bleeding. After defiling her for the second time, she said that the suspect started begging her stating that he didn’t know what came over him.

The assistant pastor revealed that she stopped going to church after the incident and reported the case to the police but was asked to pay the sum of N70,000, which she didn’t have. It was also revealed that two other people have accused the bishop of attempting to have intimacy with them.

As of the time of filing this report, the investigation is still ongoing.

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