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Teens Will Be Tried As Adults After Being Accused Of Murdering Their Teacher.

Teens will be tried as adults after being accused of murdering their teacher.

Two Iowa teenagers accused of murdering their Spanish teacher will face adult charges.

This week, a judge denied their requests to transfer their cases to juvenile court.

Both Jeremy Goodale and Willard Miller will face first-degree murder charges for allegedly murdering Fairfield High School teacher Noheme Graber, 66, on November 2, 2021, when both suspects were 16 years old.

District Judge Shawn Showers denied Goodale and Miller’s requests separately on Wednesday, May 11, and Thursday, May 12, according to the New York Post.


If the boys were convicted in juvenile court, they could not be held in the system for more than six months after their 19th birthday, according to the Associated Press.


In each ruling, Judge Showers stated that there was insufficient time for the accused to be rehabilitated for “a crime of such magnitude.”

According to court records, Goodale, now 17, is accused of assisting Miller, 16, in murdering Graber with a baseball bat and then dumping her battered body in a park in Iowa, USA.

According to the criminal complaints filed against the teens, the teacher’s body was discovered with head trauma.


Investigators became interested in the boys after a friend provided social media messages from Goodale that showed he and Miller “were involved in the planning, execution, and disposal of evidence,” according to a police search warrant.

Goodale allegedly described conducting surveillance on their teacher, as well as killing and disposing of her body.

According to criminal complaints filed against the suspects, “the details included… the motive for killing Graber, the planning and execution of the means to kill Graber, as well as deliberate attempts to conceal the crime.”

Graber had reportedly been a teacher at the school since 2012.

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