Somethings You Need To Avoid Before Having Sex

According to Everyday Health, sex is fun, enjoyable, brings you closer to your partner, and regular intimacy is also good for your mental and physical health. Making love has many benefits, including improved heart function, reduced stress and anxiety, pain relief, and more.

Unfortunately, seemingly innocuous habits before and after sex can ruin healthy pleasure and cause bowel problems. Here are somethings to avoid when you want to have sex.

1. Don’t Run To The Bathroom For A Quick Shave.

If you shave your legs or bikini area, it might be tempting to run to the bathroom for a quick pre-sex touch-up. But trust me when I say the consequences are not worth it. “Shaving and trimming may land you with irritation and discomfort,” according to “Healthline”. Instead, try to remember to shave the day before. Or simply go forth confidently with your hairy self.

2. Don’t eat much meal.

You may be on a date at one of the best restaurants, but if you want to stay busy after you’re gone, stick with a digestible one. Overeating isn’t just about bloating and not exercising, it can also be a sexual problem. Both men and women need blood to reach the genitals, and blood flows there when the body eats foods rich in it.

3. Don’t Eat Super Spicy Foods Or A Meal High In Fat.

If you’re about to have sex, soften it up with hot sauce. Spicy foods such as curry and chili peppers can cause acid reflux symptoms, including heartburn and a sore throat. This can make it difficult for you to change your mood. And if your body is sensitive to burning food, you won’t be able to tolerate farts or burps.

4. Don’t Take An Antihistamine.

Are you stuffy? If you plan to take cough and cold medicines later, it is recommended that you delay taking them. Antihistamines can help dry out a runny nose, but they’re not the only ones. Women may also find that the vagina is less oily because this drug dries out the mucous membranes all over the body.

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