Social Media Influencer Roman Goddess Causes A Stir As She Shares New Photos In Bikini Outfit

One of Nigeria’s social media influencers, Roman Goddess, is at it again with new photos of herself where she tends to show off her beauty in her newly made hairstyle in a swimwear outfit while having a good time inside the pool. On this occasion, she has chosen to change her hairstyle from the previous one to a new one, which has had an effect on her appearance.

She wore a lovely swimwear outfit which looked good on her, along with lovely make-up which looked classy on her face. The highlight of her new post is her new hairstyle, which changed her look a little bit from her last appearance.

She wrote a caption in which she asked her fans if she would float if she decided to swim. She said, “Do you think I can float?” Her aim in making this statement is to find out from her fans whether they think she would float on the water if she decided to swim inside the pool.

Some of the people who came across the photos were left with no choice but to react in different ways, as some who admired her new hairstyle gave her a positive review, while others who understood her caption also responded to her question.

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