Signs And Causes Of HIV In Children

According to an article written by healthline, it is possible for a child to have HIV. When a child has HIV, it makes the child open to different kinds of diseases and infections. This can occur as a result of having a poor immune system. This article will look at signs and causes of HIV in children.

Signs of HIV in children

You may start to notice signs of HIV in a child, when the immune system becomes weak. Some of the signs includes the following:

1. Lack of energy

2. A child who is always having diarrhea

3. A child who has an infection that stays for a long time, and it doesn’t respond to treatment.

4. Experiencing weight loss.

5. Having issues with growth and development of the body.

6. A child who has swollen lymph nodes.

7. The child may start to notice skin rash.

8. The child may develop lung infection.

Causes of HIV in a child

According to healthline, the following are causes of HIV in a child:

1. Vertical transmission

This is when a child is born with HIV, or gets it immediately after birth. A child can get HIV when he passes through the placenta, during delivery when there is a transfer of blood and through breastfeeding.

2. Horizontal transmission

This can occur when there is a contact with semen, vaginal fluid or blood that contains HIV. Intimacy is a very common method of passing HIV, especially when done without protection.

It is important that a pregnant woman who has HIV should go through antiretroviral therapy, to prevent the child from getting HIV.

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