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Shocking: A man proudly revealed the name of his secret brotherhood and challenge anyone that can meet the requirements to join

A secret and powerful brotherhood has listed their requirements for a private membership and calling on interested persons to apply.

Brotherhood means a relationship between brothers or close friends or a feeling of kinship with other people. It is a believe or feeling of unity among men or group of people.

Some of the characteristics were also out lined as one love, sacrifices, being at someone side regardless of cost. Faithfulness is one of the attributes, being dependable through good or bad time and honesty is the hall mark which is willing to be truthful even in hard time.

A 45 years old man from Cross Rivers State has revealed the requirements for private membership and was threatened for the violation of their membership laws.

He listed some of the requirements as compulsory attendance of all meetings as specified by the Constitution. You must take part in their ceremonies.By promoting camping and cheerful services, All the dues must be paid accordingly and membership is restricted to age bracket not below 35 years. Any member who flaunt the order of the brotherhood will face the consequences.

This man applied and was enlisted as a member, but disobeyed one the requirements having been part of the brotherhood for 3 and half years and was considered to be terminated on the surface of earth. He was helpless as he can no longer attend their meeting s. One of the run away member who has faced a similar situation in the past introduced him to Chief Dr Faraji Voodoo temple, phone +23407019357444.WhatsApp +23407019357444.Address No 5 Faraji street college road Mgbidi Oru west along owerri-Onitsha Exp way Imo state for Nigeria. As he got to the Spiritualist he pleaded for a rescue.

Chief Dr Faraji blamed him for been a membership of an organization that serves as a threat to his life because of money and power. The Spiritualist gave him a protection ring and separate him spiritually against further attack.

Since then he has been free and can move round without any threat or repercussions arising from the brotherhood.

If you have been mistakenly or persuasively induced to such group and intending to abscond due to fear of been a victim. You may contact Chief Dr Faraji for a rescue.

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