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She Told Her Friend That She Needs To Stop Dating Guys That Are Out Of Her League In The Looks Department

A woman has a friend that she’s incredibly close with, and they’re so close that she figured it would be no problem to give her friend a dose of honesty in the dating department.

Back in high school, her friend started picking terrible guys to date, and that hasn’t stopped at all now that they are adults.

Her friend’s dating life always ends in disaster, which is hard on her friend and hard on her too since she’s always there to support her through the end of her relationships.

“I try to direct her toward better guys but she is never interested,” she explained. “She likes guys who are significantly more conventionally attractive than her (and they are aware) and guys with a “bad boy” vibe.”

“All her BFs have been broke, jobless, and some even homeless. Meanwhile, she works extremely hard, is working her way up in a company, and is very kind and fun. Her personality is perfect but most people wouldn’t find her physically attractive

Every guy her friend has ever dated has left her behind for someone more gorgeous than she is.

She’s upset that these guys use her friend for what she provides for them, which includes a home to live in and money to spend.

“She has been known to buy food, clothes, and electronics for these guys,” she said. “She has even been told, by them, that they are with her for money.”

“She always ends up hurt because she tries to get them to fall in love with her. She falls for them and I hate watching her spiral constantly.”

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