RIP: She was allegedly shot by husband 7 times just for not picking up his calls

A Tanzanian man shoots wife 7 times for not picking his calls . A prominent woman by the name Swalha who was a Make Up Artist has her life ended by her insecure husband who later committed suicide.

I see guys are commenting that the men and women of this tribe very bad, but that can’t be used to justify the murder that has happened. Can that be used to justify taking someone’s life and at the end you take yours? These justifications that should not be taken into consideration, no matter what happens between two people that are in love.

Nobody has a right to take somebody’s life. The wife is a grown-up individual, the husband is a grown-up individual. Whatever they do to each other each, everyone is responsible. So the decision lies within themselves to make better choices. After maybe a cheating, any kind of infidelity or betrayal that they may experience in their relationship, but taking each other’s lives, it is a totally not acceptable.

Thank you

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