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Recite This Powerful Prayer When You Need God To Make A Way In A Difficult Situation

There are several ways of communicating with God. For instance, some people communicate with The Almighty through songs, fasting, and reading the Bible. However, the most powerful way of talking to God is through prayers. Prayers have been divided into different forms by the Bible. Today, am going to share with you a strong prayer that you should recite when you need God to make a way in a difficult situation.

My position appears hopeless, but I have faith in you and know that nothing is impossible with you. Please help me make it a reality by utilizing your strength, Lord. It doesn’t matter how hard I try; nothing works. Persuade my strong faith in you not to let fear and worry attack me. Please help me reduce my anxiety.

Lord, everything is possible before You, You have defeated the devil on many occasions, restored hope where there was no hope, and solved many financial problems. Almighty, always reminds me to seek help from you whenever I am needy and guide me on to pray anytime I am in trouble. Amen.

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