Reason Why Saliva Is Considered Medically Unsafe As A Lubricant

Couples may consider using lubricants to lessen the pain associated with vaginal dryness during intimacy. While there are several options, this article addresses the safety effect of saliva.

Because it plays a part in oral intimacy, some people may consider it as a good alternative in the absence of other lubricants. However, saliva is considered medically unsafe for couples who want to stick to it.

An article by MedicalNewsToday states that saliva could trigger an infection. Also, one is at risk contracting sexually transmitted infections. One of the fastest means through which gonorrhea for example is contracted is through oral s£x. Thus, slaiva is considered unsafe as a lubricant.

Other things people often use which shoybe avoided include soaps, lotions, butter, & even Vaseline. There are alternatives instead of these products. You may go for others such as virgin coconut oil, olive oil, & aloe vera.

Most importantly, if you feel concerned about s£x and your reproductive health, talk to your doctor about it.

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