Reason Why Men Discharge Early During Intercourse And Ways To Handle It

According to Healthline”, Early discharge is one of the major difficulties a lot of men face when it comes to intercourse issues. Early discharge is a scenario where a man discharges before intimacy or less than a minute into the act. Research has shown that different things can be responsible for this. However, here are the reasons why men discharge early during intercourse.

1. Stress

Stress can also cause early discharge during intimacy. Emotional or mental strain in any area of your life can play a role in premature discharge thereby limiting your ability to relax and focus during intercourse encounters. Try to avoid stress and stay to avoid this.

2. Fear of not performing well

The fear of losing your hard-on might cause you to consciously or unconsciously hurry through intercourse encounters. This is peculiar to guys who are engaging in this for the first time.

3. Consuming foods that are rich in magnesium such as oysters, pumpkin seeds, soybeans, yogurt, spinach, almonds, beef and lamb, dark chocolate, garlic, etc. Always incorporate these foods into your diet.

4. Engage in the pelvic floor exercise

This will assist strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, therefore, aiding the time it takes to discharge.

Every man should adhere to the tips of this article.

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