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P-Square To Storm 100 Cities

2022 World Tour: P-Square To Storm 100 Cities

Nigerian singers, Peter and Paul of the P-Square group, have announced their long-awaited 2022 world tour.

The duo would visit 100 cities
around the world for the journey tagged ‘P-Square Reunion World Tour.’

Peter, who was called Mr. P. before their reunion, delivered the message on his Instagram page on Tuesday, May 10.

The event, according to him, would take place across four continents: Africa, North America, Europe, and Asia.

He said:
“P-Square City World Tour 2022. Coming to your city. North America, Europe, United Kingdom, Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

It’s about to go down and get busy.”

In the same vein, Paul Okoye announced the tour on his Instagram page.

Mr. P had bragged that P-Square would sell-out O2 Arena, the 20,000-capacity arena in London during their concert whether they sing new songs or not.

This came two months after they reunited after a five-year dispute which began in 2017.

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