Opinion: How Much Should You Have In Your Bank Account Before You Marry?

Marriage is the best part of life, but it is also the worst thing that can happen to someone that is not fully prepared. When do you think is the right time to get married? Does the money in your bank account dictate when you should settle down?

Well then, if money is a prime dictator of when to marry, the question now is, “how much do I need in my bank account to marry?” I would love to throw this question to you, the reader. However, let me drop my own opinion.

For me, a man should have at least 500 thousand naira, which is equivalent to $1203. While a woman should have 100k, that is equivalent to $240.

I know some ladies would be wondering why I included them. Yes! A woman should also have something in her bank account.

Note: This might not be applicable in the southeastern part of Nigeria.

If you are already married, we would like you to share with us how much you had in your bank account before your marriage.

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