Ondo Killing: Lady Narrates How She Escaped With The Baby In Her Hand, By Hidding In A Cupboard

The awful incident that happened at Saint Francis Catholic, located in Owo, Ondo State on Sunday has left many in a state of depression as over 80 worshippers reportedly lost their lives in cold blood.

Recall that suspected bandits stormed the catholic church on Sunday when it is only a few minutes to the end of the service and shoots both young and old to death.

However, a survivor of the incident has narrated how God miraculously saved her life and the life of the baby in her hand. The lady whose name is Stephanie Ajibo Olitex, while giving praise to God on her Facebook page for surviving the incident with her baby and also for another birthday on earth, said, the service was about to end when they started to hear gunshots from outside. Everything became scattered as everyone began finding ways to escape for their life. She said some were lucky enough to jump the fence, and the priests were also lucky to escape as the catechist took them out of the scene through the sacristy entrance.

She said further that, she also ran towards the door but, they had already locked the door before she could get there and since she can’t go back to meet the bullet, she had to hide herself and her baby inside a certain cupboard in the choir dressing room. She said many including the church Choir Master who ran towards the door but met it locked were also shot by the gunmen who later searched everywhere.

Finally, she said the gunmen checked everywhere carefully before they left the area, and miraculously, the one that pursue them didn’t notice anyone was hiding in the cupboard and the baby in her hand never make any noise that could expose them.

Below is the screenshot of her post

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