Not Nigeria; International Driver’s Education Survey Reveals Most Dangerous Country To Drive In

Not Nigeria; International Driver’s education survey reveals most dangerous country to Drive in

JOHANNESBURG – South Africa has been named the most dangerous country to drive in due to factors such as alcohol-related accidents, speed limit and the low rate of front seat belt wearers. International driver’s education company Zutobi conducted a survey and gave South Africa a score of 3.41 out of a possible 10 which was the lowest recorded.

According to Zutobi, 22.2 road-related deaths occur per 100,000 and 31% of front-seat passengers are recorded to wear their seat belts.

Thailand comes in as the second most dangerous driving country with a score of 4.35 out of 10. TimesLIVE reported that Thailand is known for one of the lowest seat belt wearing rates. The US came in third with most of the death caused because of drunk driving. India also saw an increase in road deaths by 50%.

Norway is the safest country to drive in, followed by Iceland which has a maximum speed limit of 90km/h, according to DispatchLIVE. Estonia is the third safest country with the highest seat belt wearing rates and the lowest blood alcohol concentration limit for drivers.

Social media reacts to the death rate

South Africans find it understandable that the country is the most dangerous to drive in:

Anne Clough commented: “SA is dangerous for many things. Road accidents. Murders. Rapes. Waterborne diseases. Absolute disgrace when everyone is paying taxes and working hard. What a shambles.”

@AlphyzaAli wrote: “This country is just a movie on its own.”

Sheldon Petersen added: “Yes, it is because of corruption. How many people are driving on our roads with licences that they bought?”

Avril van der Berg said: “I agree. I worked at horrific scenes. Screw drivers on our roads. Law enforcement of the poorest in the world. God save us.”

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