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Nigerians Celebrate Man Who Rescued Schoolchildren

Kano Explosion: Nigerians Celebrate Man Who Rescued Schoolchildren

Emmy Toms, a young Nigerian man, is currently trending on social media for his bravery during the gas explosion that happened at a primary school in the Sabon Gari area of Kano state on Tuesday, May 17.

The explosion was said to have killed nine persons and injured many.

Emmy, who lives in the area, was captured in a video taking some school children in bloodied uniforms from the scene of the explosion.

The Imo state born man maneuvered his way through the collapsed building and rescued some of the kids.

Nigerians have taken to social media to celebrate the his courage and also commended his act of bravery.

A Facebook user wrote,

“Celebrating A Hero– Emmy Toms. It was on Tuesday 17th of May 2022 in the morning an incident happened in the city of Sabon Gari, Kano. The police reported that it was a gas cylinder that exploded of which the residents of that area said it was a bomb blast which took lives I guess and injured many.

During the incident, while others where busy taking pictures and some making videos, a brave young guy– Emmy Toms maneuvered his way through the collapsed building and rescued some kids that where there. I guess this would be instilled in the heart of those kids that a brave uncle thought it wise to rescue them.

I believe in the future as they tell their stories of how they overcame, they will never forget to put, ” a brave and strong uncle saved me from an explosion that would have taken my life and I wouldn’t have this opportunity to stand here to talk with you guys. This might give them a whole lot of understanding of life and keep them humble. It might inspire them to do same for others too.

Emmy Toms you didn’t just save kids, you saved destinies and a generation! As you celebrate today your birthday, may you find reasons to laugh and shout for joy! As you no let parents burry them children, your mama and papa no go burry you! May your days be longer and brighter. Happy birthday day, hero.”

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