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My Wife Eats All Food In The House; Man Cries In Court

My wife eats all food in the house; man cries in court

A man broke down in tears at an Upper Area Court in Ilorin on Wednesday after the judge laid down conditions for him to live peaceably with his wife.

The couple, Sherif and Funke Ismail, were in court over disputes which threatened their marriage.

“She used to eat all the food in the house. She is also destructive and stubborn,” Mr Sheriff told the court while crying.

His wife had complained that she suffered constant nagging from him.

“He started nagging since I gave birth to my third born, because all our children are girls,” she said. “He shouts at me at every little thing, refuses to provide food for the house and also refuses to pay the children’s school fees.”

Presiding Judge Moshood Ajibade asked questions and tried to persuade the husband, but after much ado, rules and regulations were laid down for the husband to abide with, if the court would separate them.

The judge advised the couple to persevere, saying that all marriages have their issues but with perseverance and a good attitude things would be better.

He cautioned the wife to be very careful, reminding her of her father’s statement in court that she insisted on dating the respondent, which resulted in pregnancy and dropping out of school.

Mr Ajibade also warned the husband not to allow his wife to regret marrying him, adding that the wife’s younger sister had graduated and was now a lawyer, which the wife would have been.

He made them promise to live peacefully and happily, saying that their three children could be their cause of success in life.

The court ordered that the couple should report to court after a week to give the progress of their marriage.


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