My Husband Drove Me Away After 2 Months Of Marriage Because I Have No Hair On My Body – Lady Says

A 28-year-old Kampire Joshepa, in an interview with Afrimax, has narrated how having no hair on her body caused her husband to part ways with her just two months after they got married.

In the said interview, Afrimax gathered that Josepha’s father died shortly after he shaved her head with a blade when she was five years old. What was even more strange was that after Josepha’s father died, all the hairs on her body including her eyelashes and eyebrows began to fall off until there was no hair left on her body.

Josepha revealed that men don’t find her attractive and they don’t approach her because she has no hair on her body. She also said her life has not been pleasant as people always make fun of her condition

Ikitegetse Patricia the grandmother of Josepha who also spoke to Afrimax revealed that she took Josepha to the hospital, Church, and even to a traditional doctor in search of a solution to her mysterious condition however no one could cure her.

She added that she was afraid that Josepha would remain single and never have children so she found a man to marry Josepha however the man later abandoned her after people fed him lies about her.

Josepha with a sad look on her face explained that her husband chased her away after just two months of marriage and his reason was that she wasn’t attractive with no hair on her body

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2 months ago

I need the contact of Josepha Kampire.
I will make her hairs grow again and I will marry her and we shall live in peace by the special grace of God. The man who married and abandoned her is not her husband. She is not evil, neither is she demonic.
Johnkennedy from Nigeria

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