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My husband beats me up but wants me to forgive him and withdraw the case- Woman Narrates

My husband has been physically violent for all the four years we’ve been married. We have one child together but he has continuously been unfaithful. It’s been so difficult that I sunk into depression late last year. I had to go to a psychiatric hospital for treatment because it was really bad.

He lost his job along the way and I have been the sole breadwinner. During this season he’s been taking my car to go out and meet other women. I tried bringing it up and he beat me up so badly in the presence of my neighbors, colleagues, my nanny, and my child. I can’t forget the sound of my child crying as he plucked some of my hair out. We have separated several times but he always comes back to ask for my forgiveness.

He is very short-tempered and quickly loses it and throws slaps and punches. I’m so terrified and constantly nervous that walking down the street is a nightmare because I imagine what would happen if I met with him. Should I withdraw the case? What would you do if you were in my shoes?

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