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Muslim Students Burn Female Christian Colleague To Death Over Blasphemy

Muslim Students Burn Female Christian Colleague To Death Over Blasphemy

Deborah Yakubu, a female student of the Shehu Shagari College of Education, Sokoto, has been burnt to death by her Muslim colleagues over alleged blasphemy against Prophet Mohammed.

The incident, which occured on Thursday saw Deborah’s attackers beating her with woods, throwing stones at her, before setting her ablaze.

She was reportedly rushed to the school’s security post when threats to her safety became obvious. However, the unrelenting mob overpowered the security men to carry out their act.

Deborah was said to have protested against the sharing of religious content in her class’ WhatsApp group, arguing that the group was for the dissemination of information.

“Holy ghost fire, nothing would happen to me, is it by force you guys would always be sending these religious stuff in the group, the group wasn’t created for that, but rather as a notice for when there’s a test, assignment, exams etc not these nonsense Religious posts,” she had said.

Her Muslim colleagues appeared to have been offended by her remarks, threatening to deal with her mercilessly.

Meanwhile, the incident has led to the shutdown of the school as stated in a letter released by authorities after the incident.

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