Mix Bitter-Kola And Mango Leaf, Add Tom-Tom Drink Morning And Night To Cure This Infection

Cure this infection with a bitter-kola-mango-leaf-tom-tom drink, taken both morning and night.
Kola berries that are a little on the bitter side.

There are several uses for bitter, a natural herb that has been beneficial to humans throughout history. To learn more about the health advantages of bitter kola, which our ancestors used for social gatherings, go here.
The mango tree has its leaves.

The leaves of the mango tree have been shown to be effective in the treatment of diabetes. Anthocyanidins, tannins found in the mango tree’s tender leaves, may aid in the treatment of pre-diabetes. Powdered leaves or an infusion of the leaves can be used to treat the same condition. Allows the treatment of diabetic angiopathy and retinal disease as well.

Mixing Bitter kola, mango leaves, and tot tom together has numerous health benefits.

Get your bitter kola and mango leaves and properly wash them.

. Blend your bitter kola until smooth in a blemding machine

After rinsing and drying your mango leaf, you only need the water if you squeeze it out or boil it.

. Blend the bitter and mango leaves with the tom tom and let it dissolve for about 20 minutes..


Drink at least two times a day ( morning and night)

Drinking this concoction has numerous advantages.

Suppresses a hiccup

. aids in the digestion of food

. to lose weight

. is a cancer-fighting drug

smooth skin.

Blood sugar levels are brought down as a result of this.

By combating diabetes,

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Yakubu Hassan
Yakubu Hassan
2 months ago

Thanks for caring for people health

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