Men: 3 Ways To Ask A Lady Out By Texting

It is normal for men to be hesitant when confronting a woman and asking her out. Text messaging, on the other hand, can aid in anxiety reduction. Some men prefer texting a woman rather than approaching her in person to ask her out. The following are three different ways to ask a girl out through text message:

1. “I enjoy talking with you and would like to take you out.”

An easy-to-understand text that states clearly what you want it to say. Make no ambiguous statements or try to sugarcoat anything. You disclose your intentions to her and wait for a response. Girls value honesty and a man who can articulate his thoughts and feelings. It’s the crown jewel of self-expression.

2. “Your favorite meal is served at this new restaurant, which I’ve been wanting to try for a long time. When are you available?”

Assume she will say yes to your invitation. This is a good SMS to send after a few text exchanges. The possibility of you recalling whatever they have told you, such as their favourite food, makes most girls thrilled. Please make sure she is in a good mood before sending her this message. Instead of starting with a statement, start with a question.

3. “Good morning, are you free for lunch today?”

The “good morning” text is an absolute favourite of many girls, owing to its simplicity. A morning text message lets them know you are thinking about them or that you care. If she does not respond straight away, do not be alarmed. You should hear from her through the course of the day, given the fact that schedules may conflict.

Are there any other text-based methods you can think of for asking a girl out? To participate in the discussion, leave a comment below.

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