Meet 7-Years-Old Kiriku (Abeg Shift), The Youngest Comedian with Over N58 Billion Net Worth

So many people might not know Kiriku but he’s already famous in whole Africa for making skits and comedy series. He’s notable for the viral Signature “ Abeg Shift”

Kiriku is a young Nigerian comedian who went under the spotlight recently, and in this article I will tell you few things you should know about him.

His real name is Enorense Victor and he was born on the 17th day of December, 2014 which means that he’s currently 7 years old. He’s from Edo State, Nigeria and he has acted a lot of comedies before.

The little boy rose to prominence not long ago and has featured with many popular comedians such as; Oga Sabinus, Mama Uka, Broda Shaggi and The Cute Abiola.

As we speak, Kiriku has an estimated net worth of about $100,000 which is equivalent to over 58 billion Naira, and at 7 you can say that he’s only getting better.

He became popular after popular Instagram blogger, Tunde Ednut reposted one of his comedy skit towards the end of 2021, at the moment, Kiriku is rated as one among the top richest Nigerian Comedians of his class.

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