Medical Reasons Why Women Bleed After Sex

More often than not, even though most women may be involved in lovemaking for several reasons, among other things, one of the common reasons why most females get into the act of lovemaking is to experience pleasure and satisfaction. Sometimes, though, after intimacy, instead of having the memory of pleasure, some women would experience pains followed by bleeding.

Naturally and medically, aside the instance of bleeding after lovemaking that is associated with lovemaking for the first time when a lady is a virgin, bleeding is not normal. As such, as a woman, if you notice bleeding after making out with your partner, you should not ignore it, because, bleeding after intimacy is connected to one or more things as disclosed by Nhs in an article.

According to what was unveiled by Nhs, the following can be repsonsible for bleeding amongst women after intimacy:

1. Presence of an infection. A woman is likely to bleed after intimacy when she is having certain undiagnosed and untreated infection in her body system.

2. Damage to the woman’s private organ. Such damage can take the form of dryness or friction during intimacy or tears in the process of childbirth.

4. Endometrial polyps. This is a form of non cancerous growth that are formed in the womb or in the linings of the cervix.

5. Atrophic Vaginitis. This is usually caused by reduction in the amount of secretion produced after a woman has attained the stage of menopause.

6. Cervical entropion. This usually exist when there is inflammation on the surface area of the cervix.

As a woman, if you find yourself bleeding after making love with your partner, visit the hospital to know the cause, because, it could be as a result of the aforementioned.

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