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Man Proposes To His Childhood Girlfriend

Man Proposes To His Childhood Girlfriend

A young man has announced on Twitter his engagement to his girlfriend and first love.

@syke_sga on the microblogging platform noted that their love story started when he was a boy. They reunited after 20 years and he popped the question last Saturday.

He recounted that their relationship is the healthiest and most fun-filled one he’s been in since he started dating.

The young man revealed this along with photos of them at the engagement when she accepted to be his woman forever.

He said:
“I proposed to this beautiful woman this past Saturday. She was my first love and girlfriend as a young boy, and 20 years later we reunited and it’s been the l healthiest, loving, and fun relationship I’ve ever had.”

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Screenshot 2022 05 20 at 13 22 36 man proposes to childhood gf feat4413473862222286574.jpg WEBP Image 686 × 373

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