List of things you can do with eggshells instead of throwing them away

Eggshells are not only meant to be thrown away, they are used for many little things you don’t think of but are very relevant to most people. It is also widely used in making medicines and many wither things. Some of its numerous uses are;

•They can be crushed into powder and mixed with dog food for a calcium boost.

•They are also used in poultry management by crushing and adding to poultry feeds.

•They can be grounded and used as fertilizer in our gardens.

•It can be broken into small bits and sprinkled in your garden to chase away pests.

•They are sometimes contained in many drugs we use because of their calcium content.

•Egg shells can also be crushed, and mixed with lemon juice and detergent to whiten your clothes.

Now here is the last part which is the main reason for writing this article, all you need are;

•Small mortar and pestle

Ingredients needed

• Eggshells – as you like

• Baking powder – as desired


• Step 1: dry all the eggshells you can find under the hot sun for about 7 hours

• Step 2: Place all the now dried eggshells in a mortar then pound them well until they crumble into very fine powder

• Step 3: add baking soda to the eggshell powder as desired the stir very well

• Step 4: Package it as desired.


This is the way to produce scouring powder, most people go ahead to use (Caco3) when producing their scouring powder. This may not only be expensive but also harmful if ingested should in case you forget to wash them away from your hands.

This method is also the same method used to produce various scoring powders you buy in stores and is also very effective as others. You may decide to wrap your produce in brown paper, plastic containers, nylons or produce fancy labels for them then sell at your desired price.

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