Lady tells Women to ‘Stop buying vibrators and get yourself a man.’

Can somebody tell women that there’s cervical cancer out there. Besides the use of this machines, that can be caused by a cheating man who will bring STIs to his woman who doesn’t have a dildo or vibrator. And other women still get cervical cancer without a cheating man nor dildo.

While women might have migrated to the use of vibrators because of their own personal reasons, a relationship with a man is still necessary. One young woman has braced herself and told women that they must stop buying vibrators and get themself some man.

However women defended themselves saying that, vibrators don’t lie and cause heartbreaking. They indicated that instead of their eyes being wet something else is getting wet. However it is not only men who causes heartbreak or cheating in relationships.

In this world of feminism some women have even indicated that it is not all women who wants to be with men in their lives. “What makes you think all women want to be with a man? Please honey get with the times, women are better.” One user commented.

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