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Kwankwaso Sent By God To Unite Nigerians: NNPP’s Spiritual Committee

Kwankwaso sent by God to unite Nigerians: NNPP’s spiritual committee

The New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) has described its 2023 presidential candidate, Rabiu Kwankwaso as “a messenger of God’’ who wants to fight hunger and reunite Nigeria.

Emma Agubanze, a member of the spiritual committee of NNPP, stated in Lagos on Wednesday that the 2023 general elections would be a smooth sail to victory for Mr Kwankwaso and the party.

“We hereby make a declaration that Sen. Kwankwaso is a messenger of God to reunite Nigerians and get it started from the beginning once again,” Mr Agubanze said.

He commended Orji Kalu, former Abia governor and APC chieftain, for saying that the emergence of Mr Kwankwaso had changed the narratives of politics in Nigeria ahead of the 2023 general elections.

“It is common knowledge for any patriotic and sensible Nigerian to understand that the name `New Nigeria Peoples Party’ with a logo of basket of fruits is divine.

“What we can say to Nigerians is straightforward and unambiguous – nobody gives you power and, therefore, what is needed of us all is to ensure that we register with INEC to be able to vote and as well protect our votes.”

Mr Agunbanze said this was necessary because defeating the major opposition parties was a challenging but achievable task.

He said NNPP must not be carried away by the impression that it is all over in the presidential election with the emergence of Mr Kwankwaso as its candidate.

“We must continue to work very hard knowing full well that hunger and corruption are in the driver’s seat in Nigeria currently,’’ Mr Agubanze stated.

Mr Kwankwaso, a former governor of Kano State, recently declared his intention to run for president’s office in 2023 after defection from the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).


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