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“It’s Hard For Me To See Boyfriend”—  Lady Cries Out

“It’s Hard For Me To See Boyfriend”— Lady Cries Out

Mandy Kiss, an Instagram influencer lamented on social media over her inability to find a boyfriend.

The self-named “president of Olosho” released a video as she complained about her struggle in getting a boyfriend due to the kind of content she put out.

In a bid to kill people’s impression of her, Kiss noted that her lifestyle online is a lie and that the things she posts online are mere content.

She said:
“It’s hard for me to see bf cos of my content unfortunately I’m not what you guys think I am, it’s just content.”

The lady had appreciated God some time on social media after Doctors told her that she can still be a mother regardless of her heavy intake of postinor (a birth control pill).

Sharing a video on her Tiktok page, she gave a joyful dance.

She said:
“After so many postinor and ogogoro, doctor said I can still be a mother. God I am so grateful.”

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