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In Benue, Suspected Fulani Militia Kill Five People And Wound Others.

In Benue, suspected Fulani militia kill five people and wound others.

A new attack by alleged Fulani militias on Tse Alashi Kaambe Community, Guma Local Government Area, Benue State, has claimed the lives of about five people.

The victims were engaged in their farms and brick moulding sites when the suspected Fulani militia invaded the community in large numbers on Friday afternoon about 1pm.

“They killed three people who were working on their farms,” a source told INFOGONG, “and then moved to where some people were shaping burned bricks and killed two more people before fleeing.”

“All they want is for our people to evacuate their ancestral houses for them, because women and children are fleeing the village right now.”

While confirming the incident, Mr. Caleb Aba, Chairman of Guma Local Government Area, explained that it occurred around 1 p.m. on Friday afternoon, alleging that armed Fulani herders invaded the community of Tse Alashi and killed three people who were working on their farm.

He went on to say that they also went to a location where people were laying burned bricks and killed two persons without the victims’ consent.

The attack in the region was confirmed by State Police Public Relations Officer Superintendent Catherine Anene.

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