Importance of Good Hygiene for Male Sexual Health

Many men do not take it seriously, but male intimate hygiene requires important care. It is important to note that in addition to infections, the lack of male intimate hygiene can bring serious problems to men’s health, such as increased risk of developing male reproductive organs cancer. A rare disease, representing only 2% of malignant tumours, it may lead to amputation of the organ and even death, if not treated quickly. In this article we will be talking about why the Male intimate hygiene is very important, according to Healthline.

It is good to always bear in mind that simple habits such as washing your hands after urinating and washing the male reproductive organs correctly already make a difference. In addition, it is important to remember to dry the male reproductive organs so that it does not become humid, considering that the consequence of humidity in the region is the proliferation of fungus.

Men with phimosis need to double their care with hygiene, since they have more facility to accumulate dirt in the male reproductive organs and this can cause problems, such as balanitis, an inflammation in the glans or foreskin. The main signs and symptoms are: itching sensation, burning sensation or even pain on the glans, which becomes reddened and presents secretions. If it extends to the foreskin, the skin in this area also becomes red and painful.

Hygiene and S3xual Intercourse

Information which is often not known refers to the importance of washing the penis after s3xual intercourse. Good hygiene after intercourse helps remove lubricant from the condom which mixes with the semen.

It is important to emphasize that the lack of intimate hygiene may bring problems not only for the man, but also for the partner. This occurs because, due to the anatomy of their genital organ, women end up being more exposed to fungi and bacteria and, thus, contract sexually transmitted diseases more easily.

Intimate Hygiene Tips

Besides the guidelines on the importance of intimate hygiene for men, we also separated some care tips that you should take to avoid problems:

Sanitising after urinating

The lack of a correct hygienic cleaning of the male reproductive organs after urinating may cause problems. This may cause urine residue to remain on the glans and spread to the underwear, which may lead to inflammation or fungus infections in the area.

The right thing to do is to sanitize the male reproductive organs with toilet paper or, if possible, washing it immediately, which is one of the ways to avoid a bad smell in the area.

Wash well in the bath

Cleaning the male reproductive organs also requires special care with the internal part. Therefore, when performing hygiene, one should pull the foreskin, which covers the glans, and pass water with foam and soap over the surface of the mucous membrane, until all accumulated fat is released. Finally, rinse and scrub the entire area with soap and water for a perfect clean.

Wash after intercourse

This prevents semen and lubricant residue from the condom from accumulating on the skin, reducing the chances of fungus proliferation, such as candidiasis. Even if condoms are not used during intercourse, immediate hygiene contributes to the removal of mucus from a woman’s natural lubrication, a substance rich in elements capable of serving as a culture medium for bacteria.

Do not be intimidated if you are facing some events of lack of erection, erectile dysfunction or s3xual impotence. Always seek for medication attention.

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