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If You Have Ever Done “Yahoo Yahoo” To Make Money, Your Life Can Never Have Balance – Pastor Oladele

This was made known in one of his online sermons released on his Facebook page.

It is known fact that some youths in the country engage in cyber crimes thereby plunging the country’s image into further debris. These youths engage in Internet fraud mainly romance scams and Business Email Compromise (BEC).

Nigeria loses billions of naira annually to this menace which has continued to defy solutions or measures to curb it owing to the number of youths who now embrace it daily. Succinctly, cybercrime generally has been increasing in the country but most of it are not publicly reported.

Concerned stakeholders have publicly expressed dissatisfaction on this trend and have repeatedly called for a change of heart of those involved. Several arrests have been made while some culprits have been thrown behind bars. Most state governments set up extensions of existing security establishments such as the Nigerian Police to checkmate this ugly trend.

In his own contribution to the growing menace, Pastor Biodun Oladele of the Spirit Chapel International Church, a Pentecostal organization in Nigeria remarked that Internet fraudsters would never have a balanced life.

While speaking in a video which he released on one of his social media pages, Pastor Oladele spoke generally on the dangers of ungodly wealth acquisition schemes which youths of nowadays indulge in. He also added that youths who are into schemes such as “yahoo yahoo” normally amount to nothing later in life and could take to ritual killings should they lack adequate financial means.

Excerpts of the transcript of his words are hereby presented below.

“There are some characters that if you have as a child, you can never succeed again. Let me say this, and I say it with every sense of due respect, if you have ever done yahoo yahoo to make money, your life can never have balance. I am telling you.

“There are things you should never try in your life. Never! It will destroy your character.

“It takes time to recover from such things. You that have been seeing N1million without doing anything. If care is not taken, you will go into ritual killing”.

Pastor Biodun Oladele is the general overseer of Spirit of Chapel international Church based in Ibadan, south west Nigeria.

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