If you catch your partner cheating, there are two things you should never do.

Some relationships reach a point when suspicions grow, and one partner starts to suspect that they are being cheated on.

The prevalence of this concern is plausible considering the prevalence of infidelity as a social sickness, a relationship/marriage problem so ubiquitous that even the best boyfriends and most dedicated girlfriends have been found guilty of it.

So, if you feel your spouse is cheating on you or is on the verge of doing so, what are the next actions to take?

The first step is to sit down and ask yourself why you have these suspicions. What leads you to believe your boyfriend is cheating on you?

This might be the difference between overreacting and avoiding possible problems. Instead of responding rashly, it is always wise to analyse the problem from all available viewpoints.

If your spouse seems distant, behaving strangely, arriving home later than usual from work, avoiding sex, and so on, you may be inclined to suspect that they are having an affair. However, although many of these indicators may indicate a dishonest spouse, they are not necessarily indicative of cheating and extramarital affairs.

What if their aloofness stems from personal professional/personal issues they don’t want to include you in… yet? What if the strangeness is a manifestation of their dissatisfaction with something you have done wrong but refused to admit or apologise for? You understand the image now, don’t you?

The point is, don’t be too quick to accuse your spouse of cheating when all they probably need at that moment is for you to be there for them.

1. Violence

Cheating isn’t a reason to abuse your lover. You’d lose your lover and your freedom as the law takes its course.

Losing a blatant, cheating spouse isn’t a loss, but the point holds.

Your partner’s betrayal of your trust and devotion is heartbreaking. Don’t give in to them. Domestic violence is never acceptable, and you’ll regret it.

2. Making a public scene

Creating a public spectacle, whether by fighting, yelling, or otherwise, will be humiliating for you, and you do not need that.

You don’t need to disgrace yourself by fighting or yelling in public.

It’s preferable to leave the discovery scene and plan your next move without gathering a throng.

You can screw up quietly. So proceed with class.

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