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If you are driving at night or daylight & see this, please don’t stop. Here is why? See Pictures

CRIME ALERT: Whether it’s day or night, avoid making any stops on the road. When you cease believing it’s a human body, they employ a new method of operation. The goal is to commit robbery and hijacking. That’s why drivers were instructed not to stop their vehicles if they spotted those items on the ground while driving.

Since they are only planning harmful things while they are alone, we don’t really know what such people are thinking. For this reason, you’ll hear some drivers state they don’t follow stop signs at night since they’ve seen too many people lose their lives as a result of failing to observe the rules during the day.

In light of this, we might conclude that criminals in South Africa are always looking out for their own interests. As a society, we are sick and tired of hearing about people being killed while attempting to take advantage of others. This is an excellent point, as it appears that more people will be need to exercise caution when operating motor vehicles after dark.

See what others have to say:

If you don’t want to die, no one in their right mind would dare to make a midnight pit stop in the middle of nowhere, especially in our nation. Driving at night, even if it’s an emergency, is no longer safe in this part of town.

The South African government has granted R100 million to the 30 most hazardous police stations in the country in an effort to combat crime and restore community peace. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

These people are talented sculptors, but instead of putting their talents to use at art galleries, they put them to bad use.

Mampara will cause meaningful support to be missed for those who need it the most.

They are sculptors, but instead of putting their talents to good use at art galleries, they put them to bad use.

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